Uses For Digital Signage And The Advantages Over The Print Media

What Is Digital Signage

digital signage

Digital signage is the modern alternative to the classical print media used in public places. The concept actually involves different options for transmitting messages to the public. These messages are similar to the ones used in classical print displays, but they are displayed electronically. There is no limit about what messages can be sent, as the only boundaries are defined by the creativity of those who develop the messages. The uses for digital signage today are many.


Electronic displays for digital signage are mainly used for marketing and advertising. Any organization or company who wants to distribute a certain type of information to the general public can use them. Digital signage is already used on a massive scale by supermarkets, malls, train stations, metro stations, schools, universities, hotels, hospitals, museums, etc. LCD, LED and plasma displays made specifically for advertising, or the screens of TV’s and computers can be used for this purpose. The applications of these screens are unlimited and new ideas are implemented every day.

Advantages over Print Media

Print media remains an important mean of marketing and advertising. But, print displays are slowly beginning to be removed and replaced with digital displays. One of the main advantages of this method is flexibility, as it can be used to display information in numerous ways. Print media requires design, printing and physical distribution. Digital media can be sent instantly to the screens through the Internet. This fast exposure can make advertising campaigns to be more powerful than ever before. Marketers and advertisers will have no problems instantly broadcasting their messages to the public. You can install the display panels in different locations, strategically. Then, you can choose the content that will be displayed and set a schedule for it. The process will become automated in this way. Therefore, digital signage makes possible something that was impossible in the traditional era of print media: marketing and advertising in public areas instantly and on autopilot.